Dunes in Schools

After a successful 2014 Dunes In Schools pilot year, CBA is now implementing the 2015 Dunes In Schools curriculum at 6 local middle schools in Okaloosa and Walton Counties- Meigs Middle School, Bruner Middle School, Emerald Coast Middle School, Seaside Neighborhood School, Shoal River Middle School and Destin Middle School.

Dunes in Schools Program:

The Dunes in Schttp://www.basinalliance.org/data/images/DunesinSchools3.jpghools program educates middle school students about the rare dune lake and barrier island ecosystems which exist in their local environment.  Collaborating with school districts, middle school classrooms are provided with the materials and supplies needed to grow sea oats in their classroom. In addition to growing sea oats, students work through an online curriculum built around nine modules. The nine modules build students’ knowledge about the dynamic coastal systems and how their sea oats will benefit this habitat.  After the participating middle schools complete the Dunes in Schools curriculum, students will travel to a local dune lake to plant their mature sea oats. While on the trip, students will see first-hand the ecosystem they studied through the online course.

By offering the Dunes in Schools program in a digital delivery method, students are able to enhance their computer literacy through the exploration of the nine science modules. Each of the nine modules are correlated to the State of Florida’s Science middle school standards. To ensure concepts are supported throughout the implementation of the program, teacher trainings are offered. During the trainings, teachers become comfortable with the Dunes in School’s online classroom, along with the concepts and material covered throughout the modules. Being a nine part online curriculum, the teachers involved are able to implement the Dunes in Schools program in a format that best suits their personal classroom needs, whether that is over a 9-month period or in a 9-week grading period. Dunes in Schools provides students with a hands-on science program that encourages each of them to become personally vested in their local environment by gaining an understanding and awareness of coastal systems.

Check out this great video about education around the Coastal Dune Lakes by Live Oak Producation Group!


For More information about the Dunes in Schools, check out our Fact Sheet!


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