Volunteer with CBA!

Join CBA in promoting the health and wealth of local waterways by volunteering to take part in our mission. CBA offers volunteer opportunities for all ages and all physical capabilities! From restoration projects to water quality monitoring and public outreach events, CBA invites members of the community to take part in ensuring the future of our precious natural resources.

Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to-

Citizen Scientist- Water Quality Monitoring

Operation Restoration- Save Our Bay!

Operation Restoration- Habitat Rx: Invasive Plant Removal

Monofilament Recycling

CBA Events Committee- Public Outreach Events

If you would like to join the community of stewards that helps CBA achieve its goals, inquire about becoming a CBA Volunteer today! For more information, please contact us at cba@nwfsc.edu,

or join our email list!


Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities