Oyster Reef Monitoring


As part of our living shorelines initiative, CBA has constructed several shoreline oyster reefs in Choctawhatchee Bay. For a closer look at these projects, check out our Choctawhatchee Bay Living Shorelines Map.

After project completion, CBA staff monitor constructed oyster reefs to determine:

  • presence, size and density of oysters.
  • the amount and type of flora and fauna found on the reef.
  • the amount of sediment accumulation near the reef.

Compiled over time, this information enables us to say whether the reef is sucessfully:

  • recruiting new oysters (spat).
  • being utilized as habitat for other marine organisms.
  • arresting or reversing shoreline erosion.

All of our constructed reefs have met the success measures to some degree. For more information, keep checking this website. CBA will post our oyster reef monitoring results in the near future.