Citizen Scientist Resource Page

Citizen Scientist Resource Page

This page is for our Water Quality Monitoring 'Citizen Scientist' Volunteers. The data sheets below are used in the field to record hydrologic conditions at each sampling site. If you are interested in becoming a 'Citizen Scientist' and Volunteering with CBA's Water Quality Monitoring program, please visit the Volunteer page.




CBA Hydrolab datasheet

CBA Hydrolab datasheet - COASTAL DUNE LAKES

LAKEWATCH datasheet - Saline (Choctawhatchee Bay, Gulf of Mexico)- Used to record water depth and clarity at each site. This data is important when comparing depth, clarity (visibility), and corrected Chlorophyll A levels. It also specifies the condition of the tide, i.e. high - falling.

LAKEWATCH datasheet - Fresh (Lakes, Creeks, River; all freshwater bodies & Coastal Dune Lakes)- differs from the Saline datasheet because it specifies the measurement of the lake level

Depth Profile datasheet

Outfall Log


Sampling Maps:

Interactive Google map


Sampling Instructions:

Florida LAKEWATCH Training Manual & Instruction Booklet

CBA Sampling Instructions

Checklist for the Bay

Checklist for Freshwater and Coastal Dune Lakies



Florida LAKEWATCH website

Coastal Dune Lakes Water Chemistry Summaries (Scroll about half-way down the page)